“The evidencesuggests that mothers are more the disciplinarians in the
familythan fathers are today.”

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“Lack of masculine presence may lead to problems such as girlish boys or
fragile girls,” he says.

“A littlespanking of boys seems to deter (fathers) from spanking their
ownchildren later in life,” said Vespa。

Fathers spanked as children were less likely to spank their own

Caring for her son is 41-year-old bank executives Shirley Shi’s “second
career” since she gave birth 14 years ago.



In traditional Chinese families, child-rearing was strictly women’s
work, while fathers remained aloof.


Reading to children had also increased markedly. Nearly three times more
mothers in the second generation reported reading to their children
daily compared to their own parents。

While many strong and independent women set good role models, the
father’s role is still essential in terms of gender identification.

Fathersspanked as children were less likely to spank their ownchildren。


“We do not have a clear division of responsibility but agree to take
care of the children when we can,” says Jin. “Since I am available more
often, I seem to spend more time with them.”

Fathers who werespanked as children are less likely to spank their own
childrenthan mothers who were spanked while young, according to a


Many of the fathers were just as befuddled as Gu.



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The different approaches of men and women to care-giving and teaching
provide a healthy, complete education, which is unbalanced if either
partner is absent, says Zhu.


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“Boys learn about how to be a man while spending time with their father,
when girls learn how to get along with the opposite sex in the future,”
says Zhu.

Researchersfrom Ohio State University set out to see if 1990s parents
followedthe practices of their own mothers but found parents today
wereshowing a lot more affection to their children, reading to themmore
and spanking them less。

给孩子读故事的比例也有大幅提高。与第一代父母相比,第二代母亲每天给孩子读故事的比例要多近3倍。 ,Though that makes him the favorite, Feng believes that at least he makes
his contribution.

Secondgeneration mothers who were spanked at least once a week were
foundto be nearly half as more likely to spank their own
childrencompared to mothers who weren’t spanked。

“A little spanking of boys seems to deter (fathers) from spanking their
own children later in life,” said Vespa。

Mothers attend more to safety and basic needs, while fathers encourage
children to explore. The involvement of both parents gives role models
of appropriate male and female behavior, he says.



The show touched viewers by showing the affection between fathers and
children, and it generated considerable discussion about the father’s
role in family education.


The study of 1,133 young adult parents found significant generational
changes in parenting practices。 ,Usually, mother took charge and grandmother helped during the day, but
the elderly woman caught cold, so dad had to step in.



Jack Feng, a 33-year-old driver at a state-owned company, is required to
stand by for his boss’ needs, so he isn’t involved in the upbringing of
his 21-month-old daughter.



“I don’t have much time for patient guidance. I leave that to the mother
and grandparents,” says Feng. “For me, it’s just about yes or no.”


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